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Hope you guys had an awesome Valentines Day 😀

We are extremely sorry for the long hiatus we had! We were very with busy school and didn’t have the time to post. We will try to update regularly as much as we can. Also leave in the comments some things you guys want to see for our upcoming posts 🙂 

-Guru A 

OOTD- Dec11

Hey guys! Sorry its been a while since I last posted an outfit of the day. Have been busy with finals! Anyways, here is an outfit I wore to the mall the other day.


Fotor1211164556. Now, I don’t know about you guys but where I live it is freezing cold. So I decided to wear a classic black & white stripped sweater paired with a trench coat. A trench coat seriously makes an outfit stylish! I wore black skinny jeans with some Vera Wang booties 🙂

Here are more details about the things I wore:

Trench Coat: Ann Taylor

Black&White Sweater: Forever 21

Black Skinny Jeans: Forever 21

Booties: Vera Wang

Purse: Rampage

-Guru A

December Must Haves!

Time has FLOWN by so quickly! Can you guys believe its December? I for sure can’t. Well anyways, I thought of doing a new section over here where every month we post , “our monthly must have items”. Now, even though its not the end of December yet, I thought posting this earlier because I have a couple things which I wanted to share we y’all : )

**Image Credit = Thanks GOOGLE 😉

1. Godiva Dark Chocolate Peppermint Truffles. – Now, just reading this surely makes your mouth water. Doesn’t it? In the month of December, peppermint is a must. It just goes with the whole Christmas feeling lol. Does that even make sense? lol, well you guys surely need to try these out. I mean how can ya go wrong with dark chocolate and peppermint? 😉 Plus, these are amazing to put into Christmas stockings.


2.  Jennifer Lopez Cowlneck Cable- Knot Sweater- Okay so I have been doing a lot of shopping lately, and purchased this sweater at Kohls from the Jennifer Lopez collection. I purchased this for 29.99 and boy should I say ….this was totally worth it.  Cowlneck sweaters are perfect for the winter time and are super adorable at the same time.

3.  PeaCoats:  If you don’t have a peacoat…you should surely consider purchasing one. I recently got mine from JcPenny from the style&co collection. It is black with gold buttons. These, keep you super warm during the winter break and again make you look extremely fashionable! 🙂

4. Bath&Body Works Twilight Woods Body Mist: I love Bath&Body Works, I seriously just want to buy the whole store..lol. Now, one scent which I love is, Twilight Woods. I usually spray some after I come out of the shower and then after I put on my coat. The scent is long wearing and keeps your clothes smelling fantastic.


5. Booties!-  Booties ( SHOES) are my current obsession.  These are again, an amazing way to look stylish but also very comfortable!:)


Well, these are my December Must Haves!

-Guru A

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Online shopping website review : Limeroad.com



I have always been wary of shopping online because of the risks involved. What if the package doesn’t reach me? what if they steal my card details and dupe me? What if the product turns out of bad quality?  whom and where to get the replacement or money back in case a dress doesn’t fit? . With stores you don’t have to face such hassles but you certainly can’t overlook the benefits of online shopping and with so many sites providing exciting offers its hard to resist. Also the availability of Cash on delivery option cuts down  the risk of loosing money in case the package isn’t delivered.So keeping aside all my doubts and questions aside I finally gave in to the temptation. Today , I’m  going to share my experience of shopping with limeroad.com

What the site sells : Clothing , accessories , bags , footwear and home décor stuff.

The site has a very user friendly interface , which makes it easy to navigate through their products.  They also let users  choose various pieces  from their collection & put together a look , which is then put up for sell. So if you like a particular look you can purchase the entire look without having to go check out  individual pieces  and then put them together.The measures are given alongside each and every product.

limeroad bags


I particularly liked their bags collection. Its quirky and colourful ,perfect for college going girls but they do have office bags too. I  was a little sceptical about the quality since the bag I ordered came at a very reasonable price so I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. But I was wrong .The stitching, the material and the entire finish of the bag is nowhere close to being called cheap. Its exactly as shown on the site and I was quite relieved by that.

click on the image to see it site

click on the image to see it on site( price Rs.349/-)

The second item that I bought is a red kurti shirt.They have a size chart that helps us in deciding what size to go for. I’m slim and petite so I never look  beyond the XSs n S’s :-P.It also turned out to be of good quality.In the clothing section they have everything ,right from saris to trousers , salwar kameez to dresses and tops. So you’re surely gonna be spoilt for choice.


click on the image to see it on site(price Rs.455/-) looks pink due to the lighting but is actually red as shown on the site.

Pricing: In terms of pricing it isn’t  uniform .Some pieces are very reasonably priced while some don’t seem worth the price they come at.

Shipping  and customer service: Shipping takes 3-5 days and is free on orders above 999/- else a shipping fee of 99/- is charged. A confirmation mail and SMS is sent once the order is dispatched along with the tracking details.Read more here

Return policy : Goods can be returned within 15 days.You can read more about the return policy on their site  limeroad.com

So overall it was a good experience for me and I won’t mind repurchasing from their site again.

Do share with us your experiences .

PS:This is not  a paid post.The review is based on our personal experience and both the products were bought from our own money.

Have a great week ahead.:)

-Guru k
Image source : limeroad.com

Must Have Shopping App!


***Image Credit = GOOGLE

Hey guys! On our previous black Friday post, I had mentioned in one of the tips to download an app called Shopular. I didn’t specifically state what this app does, so I thought of making a post regarding it. Trust me guys you seriously need to download this app! It is a free app available on both the apple app store as well as Google play. The shopular app is a big time money saver for all those people who like to shop. Now your probably wondering, what is so special about it? Well, this app it lets you choose your favorite stores and then gives you coupons and deals available. It also gives you coupons for grocery as well as the local newspaper deals! I think it’s extremely handy to have an app filled with coupons rather than searching up deals online and then printing them —-which can be very time consuming as well as annoying at times. In this app, you select the coupon you wish to use and then just show it to the cashier directly on your phone. Isn’t this awesome? Hope this helped ya guys 🙂

* I know this is not the only shopping/coupon app available ..it’s just the one I have been using and have liked 🙂

-Guru A
Image source : google.com

Black Friday: TIPS!! :D


It’s that time of year again…..oh yes..BLACK FRIDAY! Now before, I jump into the crazy black Friday chaos, let me wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! This year, some stores have decided to open on Thanksgiving…can you believe it? Some of them include:  Walmart, Target, Best Buy, JcPenney, Kohls, ETC! I am super excited for this and cannot control my excitement..for shopping as crazy as that sounds lol! Now, everyone who is planning to go out shopping during Black Friday and not want to empty your wallets completely then here are some tips:

1. Print Coupons from stores you are planning to shop from! There are many blogs and websites that have coupons listed. They are extreme money saver 🙂

2. Download Shopular!: Now, if you don’t have time to print out coupons then another way to save big is to download a coupon app on your smartphone! Yes, a coupon App. I like to use Shopular! It is available on both Google Play & Apple App Store.

3. Plan what you want! Prior, going out to shop, make sure you know what you want so you don’t waste your time finding something!

4. Know your budget: Again know how much you want to spend before you shop 🙂

Hope these four tips help ya guys with your shopping! Once again, Happy Thanksgiving & lets go do some shopping 😀

-Guru A

Fashion Friday:Outfit Of The Day

Night Out

This outfit is perfect during the winter time for a casual night out. A blazer along with some booties are a great way to make an outfit dressy!


                                                           Night Out *winter time*7

                                                   13 8



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