Be winter ready : Lip care

Lips are the worst affected body part in winters due to the absence of oil glands  in them. Cracking , peeling , darkening are some of the problems that most of us  have to face when the temperature starts dropping .For some ,this problem isn’t just restricted to winters and have to deal with it round the year. Although delicate , lips too  need some exfoliating to keep off dead skin which makes them look dull and dark. We have come up with some Do-It-Yourself lip scrubs and other tips that will help you all in keeping lips healthy and problem  free J

Sugar  + Honey lip scrub :

Honey Makes the texture of lips smooth and sugar cubes being a little hard and soft at the same time help in exfoliating lips without being too harsh on them.

Instructions :

  • Mix ½ teaspoon of sugar with equal amount honey .
  • Massage well  for at least 10 -15 mins and wash off with water.

Rawa(semolina) + Milk cream  lip scrub:

Rice flour (semolina) has soft granules which makes it a  perfect ingredient for getting rid of dead , dry skin off the lips without being too hard on them whereas, milk cream moisturises them helping in keeping dryness at bay.

Instructions :

  • Take ½ teaspoon of semolina(grinded husked wheat , read more here ) and mix it with equal amount of milk cream.
  • Massage well for a minimum of 10-15 minutes , leave for a while and wash off with lukewarm water .




Glycerine + Lemon + Rice flour (semolina) lip scrub:

Lemon helps in lightening pigmented lips and reduce dark spots formed due to cracking and peeling while glycerine moisturizes them .

Instructions :

  • Mix 1/4th teaspoon of glycerine with 1/4th teaspoon of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon of semolina.
  • Massage well for 10-15 mins and wash off with lukewarm/normal water.

Rose water + Glycerine:

Mix rose water with glycerine and apply the mixture on lips.Leave it overnight to wake up to soft and healthy looking lips in the morning .

Petroleum jelly :

I know , I know , most of you might already know this but no article on lip care can be complete without mentioning this tip.Like most others , i swear by tinted lip balms but their low staying power isn’t sufficient to keep lips moisturised for a long time.This is when the tried and trusted bottle of petroleum jelly comes to my rescue.

I apply a very thick layer of petroleum jelly on lips at  night before sleeping and massage them with water in the morning. The thick layer of jelly softens the dry layer of skin which easily comes off when rubbed  with a little amount of  water.This trick peels off dry skin layer from lips effortlessly.No pain.No tugging and pulling.No bleeding. Dollops of jelly and little water and your all set ! 😀

* Stay away from products having strong fragrances and lots of chemicals as they might darken or dry out  lips , instead go for products having vitamin E as the key ingredient.

Happy winter 🙂

-Guru K

DIY: Oatmeal face scrub.

Hello ladies! We are back with yet another Do-it-yourself homemade scrub. Its the oatmeal + gram flour + turmeric scrub.Its easy to do , hassle free and easy on the pocket as well.So read on the instructions below and give your skin a much needed pampering . 😀

Ingredients :

1.Oatmeal : Oatmeal makes the skin soft by removing  dead cells without making it dry or tight.The granules aren’t too hard on skin but do the job of exfoliating well without being too harsh.




2.Glam flour/Besan : It is one of the most commonly used kitchen ingredient in home made packs.It can be used alone as an exfoliator too by just mixing with water or milk.Makes skin baby soft.

besan / gram flour

besan / gram flour


3.Turmeric: Another favourite ingredient for making facial packs.It lightens the skin and any dark spots left behind by acne giving a very clean and fresh look . Together with besan/glam four it is used by many indian brides ,a day or two prior to their wedding to get the much talked about “bridal glow”.




4.Raw milk: Raw milk has cleansing as well as moisturizing properties so it cleans the face well without making it dry.



*Quantity depends on whether  you’ll be using it as a body scrub or just on face,

Instructions:( for making a face scrub)

1.Take 2 teaspoon of , 2 teaspoon of  gram flour , a little less than 1 teaspoon of turmeric.(keep the quantity of turmeric less , else you might end up looking like a jaundice patient :P)

2.Mix all the above ingredients with raw milk .

3.Apply the mixture on face and massage well till it dries out.

4.After it becomes dry , leave for about 20 mins.

5.Wash off with water.

Hope this will be of much help to all you lovely ladies.Do share with us if you have such tips 🙂

Have a great week ahead.

-Guru K.


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DIY : Homemade Exfoliating Scrub

Need to exfoliate your skin but don’t wanna spend your bucks? Well then, here is a quick DIY which you guys can do with ingredients already in your house.


Ingredients :

1. Lemon/Lime ( Brightens skin, evens skin tone, Vitamin C)

2. Pure/Organic  Honey ( Moisturize Skin)

3. Sugar ( Exfoliate skin removing dead skin cells )

Only three ingredients and you got yourself an all natural homemade exfoliating scrub! This will not only keep your skin healthy but it will also save you money 🙂 . Here are the directions!


1.  Get a bowl

2. Pour Honey into your bowl ( about 2-3 tablespoon)

3. Squeeze some lemon or lime juice into your bowl

4. Lastly, take 3 tablespoons of sugar.

* Now these amounts can vary depending on how you’re going to use the scrub; on your whole body or just the face…ETC!

5. Use a spoon to mix all the ingredients together

6. Apply the scrub wherever you need to exfoliate:( Face, Arms, Legs.underarm..etc)

7. Wash off with lukewarm water!

-Guru A

How To Instantly Dry Nail Polish!! :D


Don’t you just hate waiting that long for nail polish to dry? I know I do! I just don’t have patience to wait that long. Almost every time when I finish painting my nails there is always a nail that is smudged.  However, now that is certainty not the case. One day, I was searching on google for ways to quickly dry nail polish and one interesting way that I found was using PAM oil spray. Yes, Pam oil spray…the one that is used for cooking! Now you may wonder, how does this even work? Will after your done painting your nails, all you do is get yo PAM oil and spray it on your painted nails. Now, it does feel very weird , but it is something that really works 🙂 After, you have sprayed your nails, wait for 1-2 minutes and then wash your hands with water, and voila! You have perfect smudge free nails 😀

*If your nails are still wet then spray the Pam one more time and wash off… it should work 🙂

Hope this helped you guys!!

-Guru A

5 Great Ways To Use Coconut Oil!


Make sure to use pure coconut oil. I like to use Parachute Coconut Oil . You can find this at any Indian grocery stores.

Plus this will be a cheaper!

1.  Eye Makeup Remover: Coconut oil is a great way to use as a makeup remover without breaking out. Take a cotton swab and pour some coconut oil on it, then use it wherever makeup applied. Removes eyeliner/mascara very quick 🙂

2. Hair Deep Conditioner:  Heat up some coconut oil in a bowl and then massage the oil onto your hair. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next day. Do this once or twice a week but not everyday!

3.Eyelash Strengthener: Whenever I remove my mascara, I like to dab on some coconut oil on my eyelashes. This conditions the eyelashes and helps to become stronger.

4.Shaving Cream:  Instead of using shaving creams, use coconut oil which will also moisturize your skin.

5. Cuticle Oil : Dab some coconut oil on where there is dry skin on your fingers this will help them look nice & healthy 🙂

-Guru A