How To Instantly Dry Nail Polish!! :D


Don’t you just hate waiting that long for nail polish to dry? I know I do! I just don’t have patience to wait that long. Almost every time when I finish painting my nails there is always a nail that is smudged.  However, now that is certainty not the case. One day, I was searching on google for ways to quickly dry nail polish and one interesting way that I found was using PAM oil spray. Yes, Pam oil spray…the one that is used for cooking! Now you may wonder, how does this even work? Will after your done painting your nails, all you do is get yo PAM oil and spray it on your painted nails. Now, it does feel very weird , but it is something that really works 🙂 After, you have sprayed your nails, wait for 1-2 minutes and then wash your hands with water, and voila! You have perfect smudge free nails 😀

*If your nails are still wet then spray the Pam one more time and wash off… it should work 🙂

Hope this helped you guys!!

-Guru A