Top 2 Favorite Mascaras! :- )

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Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s Day with your loved ones:)  Today’s post is on mascara. Yes MASCARA 🙂 Now I don’t know about you guys but mascara is definitely one of my favorite makeup products!  I am the type of person who loves long/voluminous lashes and finding a good mascara is definitely hard!  I usually stick with the Maybelline mascaras but this time I wanted to try a different brand and came across the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara & L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber lashes. I gotta say, I was quite impressed with both the mascaras and well definitely repurchase them in the future. 


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L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara 

*** Price around $6 at Target





Here is a picture of the wand! As you can see the way the wand is shaped is perfect for separating lashes.  



The Voluminous Butterfly mascara definitely adds volume/length and the flexible wand is amazing at separating the lashes! The formula is pretty wet so its lets you build up the mascara without any clumping! 



– Separates lashes

-Gives Volume

-No Clumping

-Gives Length

-Great for people who like flaring their lashes at the end



-Not really any 🙂 

L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes

** Price around $8

The Voluminous False Fiber Lashes is one of the BEST mascaras for volume! No joke! This seriously gives tremendous amount of volume and the product is buildable!( is this even a word? Lol) .  The formula is a bit dry which can cause some clumping when building coats but it’s not THAT much of an issue! These two mascaras are definitely worth the money!  And I for sure am gonna repurchase them 🙂 Hope this review helped ya guys!


-Gives TREMENDOUS amounts of volume

-Gives length

-Gives a good smokey look



-Formula is a bit dry

– Some clumping if you put more than 2 coats



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Hey guys! 

Hope you guys had an awesome Valentines Day 😀

We are extremely sorry for the long hiatus we had! We were very with busy school and didn’t have the time to post. We will try to update regularly as much as we can. Also leave in the comments some things you guys want to see for our upcoming posts 🙂 

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DIY : Homemade Exfoliating Scrub

Need to exfoliate your skin but don’t wanna spend your bucks? Well then, here is a quick DIY which you guys can do with ingredients already in your house.


Ingredients :

1. Lemon/Lime ( Brightens skin, evens skin tone, Vitamin C)

2. Pure/Organic  Honey ( Moisturize Skin)

3. Sugar ( Exfoliate skin removing dead skin cells )

Only three ingredients and you got yourself an all natural homemade exfoliating scrub! This will not only keep your skin healthy but it will also save you money 🙂 . Here are the directions!


1.  Get a bowl

2. Pour Honey into your bowl ( about 2-3 tablespoon)

3. Squeeze some lemon or lime juice into your bowl

4. Lastly, take 3 tablespoons of sugar.

* Now these amounts can vary depending on how you’re going to use the scrub; on your whole body or just the face…ETC!

5. Use a spoon to mix all the ingredients together

6. Apply the scrub wherever you need to exfoliate:( Face, Arms, Legs.underarm..etc)

7. Wash off with lukewarm water!

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How To Instantly Dry Nail Polish!! :D


Don’t you just hate waiting that long for nail polish to dry? I know I do! I just don’t have patience to wait that long. Almost every time when I finish painting my nails there is always a nail that is smudged.  However, now that is certainty not the case. One day, I was searching on google for ways to quickly dry nail polish and one interesting way that I found was using PAM oil spray. Yes, Pam oil spray…the one that is used for cooking! Now you may wonder, how does this even work? Will after your done painting your nails, all you do is get yo PAM oil and spray it on your painted nails. Now, it does feel very weird , but it is something that really works 🙂 After, you have sprayed your nails, wait for 1-2 minutes and then wash your hands with water, and voila! You have perfect smudge free nails 😀

*If your nails are still wet then spray the Pam one more time and wash off… it should work 🙂

Hope this helped you guys!!

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Organix Penetrating Oil Renewing Moroccan Argan – REVIEW

Renewing Argon oil of Morocco:


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Product Claims: Penetrates, moisturizes, renews , and creates softness, and strength while protecting your hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage as it gives you smooth , sexy tresses.

Directions: according to the package: Apply a small amount of Argan oil to palm , rub hands together , then apply evenly to surface of damp ( towel dried ) hair working through to ends. I like to also use this before straightening my hair.

My review:

Argan oil had been something  which I been wanting to try since forever. I had heard many positive reviews regarding this product from family and friends. One day while shopping at target, I decided to head off to the beauty department and finally came across Argan oil. I bought this for around 6 dollars, which was pretty good compared to what I had expected! So finally, after coming home I decided to give this product a try even though my hair was already styled. I took about 3 drops and rubbed the oil between my hands and massaged through my hair evenly. Now my first impression of this product is that it smells AMAZING! My  hair has become so much more softer and stronger after using this oil. I have been using this product every time I straighten my hair, and it has made my hair less frizzy and more silky!. I highly recommend everyone to try this product. This stuff is literally amazing. One important thing to remember is making  sure you only put a little amount in your hair or it will become oily, and that is not good ! Other than that, go buy this stuff it will leave your hair feeling ah- mazing 🙂


– Smells amazing!

-Makes hair soft, silky, and smooth 🙂

– Helps control Frizz!



Rating:  5/5

-Guru A

Neutrogena Gentle Daily Cleanser Review



*Image By Google*



I normally am hesitant when buying facial cleansers because I feel they would ruin my skin. However, after hearing many raves about this product from my aunt I figured I should try this out. I knew this wouldn’t be harsh on my skin since its specifically supposed to be a gentle cleanser. I would say overall this is a good product and worth a try. I like the fact that it instantly removes makeup and doesn’t dry out my skin completely compared to the other cleaners I have tried.

Price: Around $7


5 Great Ways To Use Coconut Oil!


Make sure to use pure coconut oil. I like to use Parachute Coconut Oil . You can find this at any Indian grocery stores.

Plus this will be a cheaper!

1.  Eye Makeup Remover: Coconut oil is a great way to use as a makeup remover without breaking out. Take a cotton swab and pour some coconut oil on it, then use it wherever makeup applied. Removes eyeliner/mascara very quick 🙂

2. Hair Deep Conditioner:  Heat up some coconut oil in a bowl and then massage the oil onto your hair. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next day. Do this once or twice a week but not everyday!

3.Eyelash Strengthener: Whenever I remove my mascara, I like to dab on some coconut oil on my eyelashes. This conditions the eyelashes and helps to become stronger.

4.Shaving Cream:  Instead of using shaving creams, use coconut oil which will also moisturize your skin.

5. Cuticle Oil : Dab some coconut oil on where there is dry skin on your fingers this will help them look nice & healthy 🙂

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