Know the gurus


With opinions on almost everything  under the sun and a passion for all things glam we needed a  platform to share our views and reviews with all the lovely ladies out there. So after much deliberation and contemplation we decided to give a shot to blogging and that’s how “THE GLAM GURUS “  started.

Know the gurus:

Guru K

Hello ladies!!This is Guru K , an engineer by profession blogger by choice. A true blue Mumbai girl who loves everything about the city , goes crazy during sale seasons 😛 ,loves colours , passionate about art and a child at heart . Owning a blog has always been one of my dreams and with TheGlamGurus i am living it 🙂

Beauty profile:

Skin Tone: Wheatish , Combination-dry.
Hair Type: Wavy straight (sometimes dry and frizzy due to humid weather)

Guru A

Hey guys! You can call me Guru A .By profession I am nothing yet..sadly :(. But currently working on that in college. I hope to see myself as a doctor in the future. Now you may ask, how did blogging come to my mind? Well, I am the type of person that likes to have a balance between having fun and studying. I love shopping, makeup, food , and crazy about NYC! 😀 Through this blog I will be able to share my interests and ideas with you all. Have fun & Live life 🙂

Beauty Profile:

Skin Tone: Medium Beige/Olive & Mixture of Oily&Dry
Hair Type: Wavy)

What we would be blogging about :

Skin  and hair care , make-up , product reviews , some handy and useful tips , fashion related articles  and many more things.

Want to share a tip with fellow readers ?have a PR related  query ? have a question to ask us? or just wanna say a simple hi?

Shoot us an email at

Stay glam Stay beautiful.

🙂 ❤

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