Accessories Haul


Hello everyone!! Sincere apologies for being MIA for so long.So many things to do but so little time , need to catch up real fast.Its the ninth month of the year already, just two more months and our blog would be an year old.WOW time sure does fly quick.The onset of festive season here in India has got both of us excited.Crazy shopping , family gatherings , long weekends (well you get the drift) enjoying every bit of it.

Today im going to post about an accessories haul i did recently.To tell you the truth, i’m not much of an accessories person and more often than not you will find me bare necked, without anything on my hands and ears much to the annoyance of my mom.But lately i have started building up a collection and have picked up few pieces from street shops and an online shopping site.


1.First up is a neck piece in dull gold which i bought from a street shop in at Colaba Causeway , Mumbai.

Price – 200 INR / around 3 USD.


2. ToniQ Gold Toned & Pink Drop Earrings from

Price – 169 INR / 2.8 USD


3.Adrika Gold Toned Cuff Bracelet from

Price – 165 INR / 2.7 USD


4. Royal blue and gold necklace from Linking road , Bandra.

Price – 100 INR / 1.6 USD


5. Butterfly stackable ring set in pink , mint and white from Linking road , Bandra.

Price – 3 for 70 INR (total steal right ?) / 1.1 USD


img_20140830_120214 img_20140830_121657


So that was my miny haul , hope you all like it.

Have a nice day 🙂

❤ Guru K



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