Gear up for the Great Online Shopping Festival:11th-13th Dec ,2013.


Its back! Yes you heard it right ladies , the Great Online Shopping Festival 2013 is back and is due to start in a few minutes.For all those who have always wished for a Black Friday like sale festival in India , Google has just answered their prayers.Currently into its second year , the shopping festival will see participation by most of the  major brands and e-commerce websites of India.While some have already announced the offers and discounts they will be offering others would be announcing them as the clock strikes 12 tonight.So get ready to go crazy while shopping ,as  with over 200 brands to choose from , you all are surely gonna be spoilt for choice.

Right from fashion and beauty websites like , , to the telecom major and theme park  Adlabs imagica,you name it and they have deals on it.So starting from today till the next two days it is gonna be one hell of a shopping madness for you all.

Before you dive into the pool of deals make sure you have prepared a list of want you want and from where you want it.

Go through the list of all the brands participating in the festival and make a list of  sites which you would like to visit one by one. You can check it here

Browse through the various categories of products , compare the prices and make a final list of all products you want and from which site you want them.GO AHEAD AND GRAB THEM! 😀

Last but not the least.It’s a three day shopping festival , there will be plenty of time available , so  chill ,keep calm , relax and shop wisely.

Happy shopping 🙂

-Guru K.

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