5 Great Ways To Use Coconut Oil!


Make sure to use pure coconut oil. I like to use Parachute Coconut Oil . You can find this at any Indian grocery stores.

Plus this will be a cheaper!

1.  Eye Makeup Remover: Coconut oil is a great way to use as a makeup remover without breaking out. Take a cotton swab and pour some coconut oil on it, then use it wherever makeup applied. Removes eyeliner/mascara very quick 🙂

2. Hair Deep Conditioner:  Heat up some coconut oil in a bowl and then massage the oil onto your hair. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next day. Do this once or twice a week but not everyday!

3.Eyelash Strengthener: Whenever I remove my mascara, I like to dab on some coconut oil on my eyelashes. This conditions the eyelashes and helps to become stronger.

4.Shaving Cream:  Instead of using shaving creams, use coconut oil which will also moisturize your skin.

5. Cuticle Oil : Dab some coconut oil on where there is dry skin on your fingers this will help them look nice & healthy 🙂

-Guru A

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